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Ásgeir Leifsson

Email: asgeirleifsson@simnet.is

Phone: +354 -845 0860

Fax: +354 -433 1311

Economic engineer.  Diploma from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Gegree: Dipl. Rer. Pol. (techn.)
Manager of a frozen fish processing plant "Fiskréttir hf." 1970 -1974.
Engineer at the Industrial Development Institute 1974 - 1983.
Manager at the Development Company of Thingeyjarcounty Ltd. 1988 - 1992.
Collaborator with the pioneer Dipl. Chem.. Baldur Líndal 1992 - 1997 in investigating the premises of a large ethanol plant based on the utilization of Dutch waste paper and geothermal steam commissioned by the Hafnarfjordur community 1994.  Research on the utilization of  the plant Lupinus nootkatensis and geothermal steam from the high temperature geothermal fields Krýsavík/Trölladyngja for the production of ethanol and byproducts.
Preparation of a Craft-proposal for the EC.  Project designer and manager (coordinator) at the Icelandic Biomass Company for the BESUB Craft project until the end of 2004.  The project received funding of € 628.000, but had a total cost of almost € 2.000.000.  Participants were from three European countries. Investigations of liquid biofuel and byproduct production in Iceland 2005.



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