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Characteristics of the Hannibal allo-thermal process

  • Novelty.  The basic technical proach, as explained in the following definitions contains many new features not embodied by other gasification processes.
  • Sustainablility (utilization of renewable biomass, geothermal enrgy and hydroelectricity).  These criteria mean that the operation of such a facility can be continued without any significant negative effects on the environment
  • Energy efficiency (80%)  The energy input composed of organic feedstock, geothermal steam and electricity will be effectively returned by a product mix composed of fuels that are upgraded in energy content, useful byproducts and waste energy at a total of about 20% of the energy input.
  • High carbon utilization.The CO2 emissions from the operations of the facility and side operations will only correspond to 20% of the total combustion (conversion of C to CO2 and  conversion to CO and CO2 caused by heating of the CaCO3 in the gasifier.
  • High productivity.  The facility will be constructed according to the latest available technology.
  • Relatively non polluting (insignificant emissions of CO2, or other gases and contaminants).
  • Carbon quota eligible.  As the carbon contained in the fuel produced is derived from recyled biological carbon, it will be eligible for carbon credit tax.
  • Economical.  The input materials and energy will be from the cheapest sources  available.  The fuels and byproducts produced will enjoy several other advantages such as carbon credits.
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